Parish News item for November 2014

Affordable Housing – possible site identified for new houses

North Norfolk District Council has been in discussion with the landowner of an area of land on Catfield Road with a view to building affordable houses on the site.  North Norfolk DC have looked at the statistics, which indicate that some affordable houses should be built (in addition to some open market housing) as follows: 1-bed houses / flats, 1-bed bungalows, 2-bed houses, 3- bed houses, shared ownership dwellings and 2-bed houses.

If this goes ahead, the next steps would be for NNDC to work with a housing provider (in this case probably Victory Housing) to design a scheme (a layout) which will be shown at a consultation event with the whole village.  The purpose of the event would be to provide affordable housing information to the wider public and seek comments from the public on design and layout.  If you would like more information please see: or telephone NNDC on 01263 513811


Fireworks – New Year’s Eve

There will be a meeting at 7pm on December 2nd in the Church Rooms to discuss this year’s Fireworks Display on New Year’s Eve.  Please come along and get involved

Bottle Banks – another plea!

On the first of October, householders became able to recycle glass in their green bins.  Although this will be convenient for householders, it also may impact on them financially!  Currently, and for many years, villages have all benefitted from glass recycling bottle banks because they receive money every year from North Norfolk District Council.  This money has meant that Parish Councils are able to keep their part of the Council Tax as low as possible.  Now that people can recycle bottles in their own green bins this will mean that fewer people will recycle bottles in bottle banks, which will mean that the Parish Council will receive less money (and the Parish part of the Council Tax would then increase).  Please consider this (when recycling your bottles) and try to use bottle banks where possible.  Replacement bottle banks will be provided to replace the bottle banks currently in place, which are owned by Kier

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